For Gilbert group exhibit

For Gilbert

Group exhibit in memory of freelance writer and arts commentator Gilbert Bouchard.

The Works Art and Design Festival, Edmonton, Alberta

25 June 2010 to 7 July 2010

Exhibit description

I have been working with memory and remembrance-based artworks for some time, and had conversations with Gilbert over the years about our interests in memory and its construction. Gilbert had written thoughtful reviews of my exhibits and had always been very supportive of my artwork. When I heard the tragic news of Gilbert’s death, I felt moved to create a memory vessel to honour and celebrate his life. I spoke with Gilbert’s family and close friends about creating this artwork, and they collaborated with me by providing me with objects from Gilbert’s life to include on the memory vessel. This artwork was created at a time when emotions were very raw for family and friends who participated in the creation of the memory vessel. It served as a constructive and peaceful way to help work through the grief that was felt by each individual who participated. This artwork was created for Gilbert’s memorial service in June 2009, and for his mother Gabrielle to keep as a lasting memory of her son.