Landing Hard solo exhibit

Landing Hard

Prairie Wind & Silver Sage Museum and Friends of Grasslands National Park

Val Marie, Saskatchewan,  May to September, 2014

Exhibit description

Landing Hard

I honour the personal and collective memory of the first women to settle the prairies. My limited edition beeswax transfer prints, created from my original ink and watercolour drawings, offer a glimpse into the lives of early women settlers; their loneliness and vulnerability, their toughness and resilience; their joys and sorrows.

Quotes from archival letters and diaries, and the women’s names and brief biographies are displayed beside the artworks that are inspired by them.

Prairie landscape, the work and heritage of rural life, and my former work as an Archivist, all inform my creative expression. My most recent artworks are inspired by research into the archival photographs, diaries, letters and memoirs of prairie pioneer women in Alberta and Saskatchewan.